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About us

EXPERT auto - wholesale automotive

Several years of activity allowed us to accumulate the experience necessary to create the offer serves the needs of the client in a comprehensive manner. In addition to our comprehensive range of western cars will also find parts for all models of domestic production.

From the beginning, we tried to get to know the client's needs to ensure its maximum benefit. We pay particular attention so direct contact with the customer, we guarantee professional service, reliable information, long-term care sales representative. In the local market the goods are delivered immediately, and all over the country to 24 hours of placing the order. Distribution of goods is done through a reputable shipping companies.

Our target is the development of our customers through continuous development offer presented to you. Our entire range, competitive prices, convenient payment deadlines and the continuous support of the sale of our trading partners have created an extensive distribution network covering the entire Polish territory. We also have customers in the following countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, England, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Irealand etc.

We invite you to cooperate Wholesale, Automotive Shops, Garages, Service Stations. We will make every effort to provide you with a comprehensive and professional service. You remember that everything we do .. we do for you.

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale please register at our B2B portal:


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ul. Fabryczna 7
41-404 Mysłowice

phone. +48 32/ 225 23 17; 318 31 86
fax. +48 32/ 318 31 87

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